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CLOSED  1st  two weekends of  June


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Visit my working classroom for “new and exciting” card ideas each weekend.

This is a working classroom for both the novice and serious stampers. Watch DEMOS every weekend. You’ll find non-stop activity here. Leave troubles at home and come for the day.

All your stamping needs in one place. We are a full service rubber stamp store and I specialize in Word Stamps.  We have 3 rooms of stamps with hundreds of hand-made card examples  on display. Small classes with “one on one” personal attention are in my workshop studio behind the shop.... click on TOUR above. Spend the afternoon rubbing elbows with many fellow stampers who love to bring and share their newest creations.

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       Visit historic Zoar Village in Ohio

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Closed the 1st

weekend of each


June...closed first

TWO weekends.





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    Set includes 7 sturdy “plastic” templates for $15.00

         Embossing plate - placement directions are included

              7  different (4 1/4” x 5 1/2”) template shapes below:

Cuttlebug Directions & pics.

1. Place plain paper in standard

      embossing folder.

  1. 2. Lay any template on TOP of the

      embossing folder and secure with

      removable tape.

  1. 3. Run thru any embossing machine.


BIG SHOT or BIG KICK directions

~ Lay Tab 2 on the platform.

~ Place paper in folder, lay on Tab 2

~ Lay EASY FOLDER template on TOP

   of embossing folder and secure with

   removable tape.

~ Lay another plate on TOP 

~ Run thru the machine.

* shim to enhance design if necessary


WHOLESALE store orders email me

  MASKING” with Easy Frame Templates Instructions

Video #2   Easy Frames with  Envelopes--Masking with Easy Frames

For more card example images go to facebook: CLICK HERE

*Give it a few minutes to load.


       INTRODUCING A NEW LOOK for all your embossing folders!

                          order at:

             Emboss all your favorite folders with an OPEN area

                               for a verse or an image. (or email me)

            WHOLESALE orders: contact me at

              Locally manufactured EASY FOLDER FRAMES work with any   

            embossing folder and adapt to all embossing machines.


A variety of shapes to

choose from to add that

creative touch to any of

your embossing folders.

Adapts to ALL MANUAL

  embossing machines.



                                    PLASTIC pattern   Only $5.00

                            ( Step by Step “photo” directions included)


               Trace Pattern on (8 1/2” x  5 1/2”) paper      Mails in  A2 envelope

                For less than a greeting card..... “SHOE-OFF” your imagination

                                      making dozens of  fun cards for your friends.

         **  Photo  directions for making slippers or cute little shoes included


                                                 Available at the store

                                      Click here TO ORDER if out of the area: 

                                  See many more examples at the link below:                         



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